Nevada State Officials Are Teaming With Federal Authorities To Investigate Voter Fraud: Particularly Applications Submitted By ACORN

“Nevada state and federal authorities on Thursday announced the formation of a task force that will aggressively pursue allegations of election fraud. The secretary of state, attorney general, U.S. attorney’s office and Federal Bureau of Investigation plan to work together as the election approaches and on Election Day to ensure a free and fair election in Nevada, where record turnout is anticipated. ‘This is part of an effort to work proactively,’ Secretary of State Ross Miller, the state’s chief elections official, said of the combined effort, which he said would ‘ensure there is integrity in the system.’ Miller said investigators are already looking into allegations of fraud in voter registration, though he declined to go into specifics of an investigation he suggested was being handled by the FBI. Clark County officials have said they suspect fraud is occurring in the thousands of voter registrations being submitted by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, which works to get low-income people to vote. ACORN, whose officials have faced fraud charges in other states, says the group’s workers are trained to follow the law.” (Molly Ball, “Election Fraud Task Force Formed,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/1/08)


Elections Officials Look Into Voter Fraud

Local elections officials are looking into potential election fraud and some of the information is pointing to a Democratic-leaning voter’s group. ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now, has been registering thousands of new voters for this year’s election, but in Seminole County, some voter applications are being withheld until it’s proven they’re legitimate. Election fraud is a felony, but first it has to be proven and someone has to be charged. So far, elections officials said they are just beginning to gather clues in this case. Seminole County’s elections supervisor is holding up dozens of voter registration applications because they appear to be fraudulent: wrong addresses, bad signatures and more. James Stanley of Winter Springs said he was contacted by the elections office, and told his date of birth and Social Security number were wrong on his form. He never filed this paperwork, and the signature is not his, which makes him worry that he won’t get a ballot on Election Day. “My biggest problem is when I show up to vote I want to make sure that I can cast my vote and the problem that I saw is that someone was questioning my validity to be able to cast that vote,” voter James Stanley said. Many of the applications with suspect information were turned-in by the activist group ACORN.

OBAMA AND AN ACORN: Acorn Fact Sheet

The Chief Public Advocate Of The Consumers Rights League, James Terry, Testified Today In Congress About How “ACORN’s Pattern Of Fraud Can No Longer Be Dismissed As A Series Of Unfortunate Events.” “James Terry, Chief Public Advocate for the Consumers Rights League, today testified at a joint House Administration and House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on ‘Federal, State and Local Efforts to Prepare for the General 2008 Election,’ where he highlighted ‘corruption at every level of ACORN including embezzlement, cover- ups, misuse of taxpayer funds and voter fraud.’ An excerpt of his testimony follows: James Terry, Chief Public Advocate, Consumers Rights League: ‘ACORN routinely says it will clean up its act. Yet, given its decade-long history of voter fraud, embezzlement, and misuses of taxpayer funds, ACORN’s pattern of fraud can no longer be dismissed as a series of ‘unfortunate events.'” (“CRL Testimony On ACORN’s Voter Fraud,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/25/08) continue reading

Pro Obama Community Organizer Group Involved in (More) Voter Fraud

acornA community organization, with longstanding ties to Barrack Obama, has, according to numerous reports, repeatedly run afoul of voter registration laws both locally and nationally. Just a few of the headlines in circulation: 

  • “Felony charges filed against 7 in Washington State’s biggest case of voter-registration fraud perpetuated by ACORN” 
  • “Hampton police last week charged Brittany Wyatt and Jessica Lemon, both 18-year-olds working for Community Voters Project, who live in Newport News, with one count of voter fraud” 
  • “Missouri ACORN Voter Fraud Scandal Makes the National News”  
  • “Voter fraud case traced to Defiance County registrations volunteer” 
  • “Pro-Obama Community Organizer Group Involved in (More) Voter Fraud” 
  • “The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has been caught in another voter registration scandal, this time here in Milwaukee” 

Reports are circulating that the recent financial bailout includes a sizeable contribution to the thugs and heavily tax-subsidized fraudsters at ACORN. Under the original bailout proposal, apparently, a large portion of any repayment of the $700 billion would have gone to Barrack Obama’s good friends at ACORN. After being exposed in the national main stream media, legislators in congress have retracted any monies earmarked for ACORN. ACORN is currently is under investigation for its connection to a national voter fraud scam.