Linda Feldman, Gun Control, and Obama’s “State of the Union Address”

Above: Carolyn McCarthy tries to figer out which end is up.

On January 26, 20011, Linda Feldman, from “The Christian Science Monitor,” wrote that Obama should have addressed the issue of gun control in the 2011 State of the Union Address. She contends that the expired “Assault Weapons Ban” needs to be reinstated. Along with NY Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, (who doesn’t know the breech from the muzzle when it comes to guns and is writing a bill to ban high cap mags) I say she is a fool, who should spend some time researching what she is writing about.


Linda Feldman, either you are trying to stir the pot or you are clueless! Staff writer! Ah ha! Ha! I think your title is hilarious; only thing funnier could be “chief researcher!” Is idiocy contagious? And does CSM have a staff infection?

Do some research dunderhead! Duh! The 1994 Republican Party’s landslide election was largely attributed to Clinton’s gun ban. So let me try to grasp your thinking . . . Obama just jumped out of the fire and into the fryin’ pan during the midterm election, got burnt worse than Clinton in 1994, and now you expect him to jump back into the fire? Before he isn’t even re-elected? Yeah! I meant it just how it sounded!

As for the so called “assault weapons ban” you obviously didn’t read the specifics. The ban only applied to weapons manufactured after the date of the ban’s enactment. They didn’t, or couldn’t, nor wouldn’t go door to door and ask for everybody’s hi cap magazines. That’s a funny visual.

Go ahead; check it out on Wikipedia . . . its free even! A pistol grip, a muzzle brake, a telescoping stock, a detachable magazine, etc . . . . ; None of those things affect the operation of the weapon. All they do is make it look mean. The same damage could be done with an aesthetically pleasing lever or pump gun with a 10 round fixed tubular magazine.

P.S. Michael Bloomberg is an idiot with deep pockets! And MAIG (mayors against illegal guns), his pet project, is nothing more than an eminent front; they are a put on for political pandering! Just look at the attacks they make on “legal guns AND their OWNERS.” A gun is an inanimate object, the owner makes it illegal. So, it is the gun owner that needs to be held culpable, not the gun. Can you say “oxy-morons?”

And finally, like you, people perturb me when they don’t research both sides of the issue before running their mouths. IMHO, it makes you stupid and undeserving of the time I have spent to school you on your ignorance. That’s right! If you were dumb, you would have an excuse; but there is no excuse for ignorance! “A” is for apathy!