Let Freedom Ring Obama

“The policies being proposed by the Obama administration are so radical across the board,” Cheney said. “Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you want the nation to be strong and so many steps this president is taking are making the nation weaker.”

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A Fight, A Fight . . . Obama and the Right

boxing foxThink about this for a moment, regardless of whether a person voted for Obama or not, he is still the representative and envoy for all American citizens both domestically and abroad. So, whether he likes republicans or not, it is still his sworn duty to represent them and their best interests. For Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director, to openly state that Fox News operates “almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party” is tantamount to her saying that the Obama administration is opposed to republicans. That statement in it self is biased, so you tell me, what is more sorry, a news organization that is partisan, or the president of the United States being partisan?


As for Fox news being an arm of the Republican Party, for certain they are center right as far as politics go. However, they are not far right of the center, like MSNBC is far left of center. On a regular basis, Fox news invites liberal commentators on their shows to repudiate the news they report. Sean Hannity, the most outspoken critic of Obama has Bob Beckel on his show nearly every night. Beckel, the former national campaign manager for Walter Mondale and a member of the Robert Kennedy’s 1968 campaign, is about as left leaning as they come. Likewise, on another segment of Hannity’s show, “The Great American Panel,” he usually employs a panel 3 people to respond to the issues of the day; most times two of them are democrats, although there are times when there is only one democrat, and yet sometimes I have seen three democrats on the panel.


Bill O’reilly’s, often refers to himself as an independent; I suspect he’s more conservative than liberal though. Either way his show is equally represented by both liberal and conservative views. He almost always leads off his 1 hour show with his “Talking Points;” he reports the events for the day, combined with his point of view, and then leaves it to the audience to make up their mind by stating firmly . . . “you decide.” After his talking points, he usually brings on a guest, letting them plug their book; sometimes they are liberals and sometimes conservatives, Nancy Grace being one of the well known liberal authors. Sometimes he interviews a conservative or liberal guest himself; and no matter the case, if he opposes their view, they get ripped a new one. Other times he moderates a two person panel, always representing equal sides of the political spectrum; Alan Colmes, a left leaning radio host is often a guest. Colmes was also a permanent fixture on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes during the 2008 Presidential Election, as a liberal counterpoint to Hannity’s conservatism. Of course, O’reilly invites conservative leaning Dennis Miller on his show pretty often, but he is more so there for entertainment value than actual political commentary, and he does not always agree with O’reilly either. Most everyone knows Miller is a comedian, so if you take him seriously, you may be doing so at your own peril.


I am not even going to try to defend Glenn Beck, other than to state that he is a self proclaimed libertarian, and that he often makes it aware publicly on his show that is not a journalist; but instead just an average everyday guy shedding light on little known facts that may otherwise go unnoticed. Nonetheless, he has a propensity to factually expose situations and circumstances that are of national significance. It is Glenn Beck’s goal to bring honesty and integrity back to our government officials and the political process. The fact that he has so many followers, does lead one to believe that he can’t be all wrong. Although he almost always cites the sources of his information, he encourages everyone to research the facts, and not to just take them for granted.


As for the rest of the Fox News Contributors, including Greta Van Susteran, they are mostly objective, fair, and balanced. And in some cases like Geraldo Rivera, a left leaning guy with his own show on Fox, they are public about their political ideology.


I do not see MSNBC or the other’s offering any conservative people their own show, so how can the government say Fox is 100% in the tank for the Republican Party? Especially when the likes of Keith Obeirman, Chris Matthews, Campbell Brown, Wolf Blitzer, Katie Curic, and others are walking around with “yes we did” stamped on their foreheads. Take note that, Dunn did not mention the innumerable news outlets that are in the tank for the Democratic Party. The more Anita Dunn and the all new Casa Blanca choose to bring this drama to the forefront of today’s issues, the more easy it is for people to recognize the truth about the Obama Administration; plain and simple they have an agenda to push, and whether or not the 47+% of people that didn’t vote for Obama like it, they are going to try to jam that agenda down their throat.

David Letterman Diddles his Staff

With her bible and gun on her nightstand, just a stones throw away from the Siberian Peninsula, Sarah Palin must have awoke this morning  with a grin from ear to ear. While sipping coffee and perusing the newspaper it’s likely she stumbled across David Letterman’s untimely misfortune. It seems David Letterman’s sexual perversions and  the  jokes he had made about her 14-year-old daughter being taken adantage of by Alex Rodriguez have come back to bite him in the ass. It appears David Letterman, the pious and pompous windbag,  has fallen from grace. His wife of six months, and girlfriend of 23 years, Regina Lasko, is furious at his behavior. Reports have been circulating that she intends to leave Dave, and take their five year old son with her. A court date hasn’t been set yet for the impending divorce; however sources say an announcement will be made soon. It seems Letterman has reaped what he has sown; not only for cheating, but for being a hypocrite. It is befitting that Robert Joe Halderman, the CBS employee that exposed him, ousted Letterman’s dirty little secret in the same underhanded and surreptitious way Letterman has done to others. Of course Letterman never blackmailed anyone for 2 million dollars, but he does have a tendency to prey on people who have status in society. Mr. high and mighty, who has comically capitalized on Sarah Palin’s daughter having sex out of wedlock, has apparently been fiddling and diddling with his staff in the coat room. We can only wonder if the sex was coerced or consensual; the one thing that is for certain is that the Hollywood types will be out in droves offering him shelter and defending his actions.


Top ten reasons not to criticize the lives of others

if you’re a celebrity talk show host, you’re married,

and you’re diddling your staff:


#10. It’s never good to hang a target on your back, because those you have offended just may use it.


#09. Vultures will stand by, squawking excitedly, waiting to pick the dead flesh from your bones.


#08. Because you have been so pious, you just may look like a schmuck when it’s all said and done.


#07. Networks love ratings, and if you’re discredited, there’s a good chance you’ll be fired.


#06. It could just be that you’ve ruined the lives of those you slept with, especially if they were married too.


#05. It’s going to be hard to bust on other people’s sex scandals, now that you have one of you’re own.


#04. Sooner or later, life will catch up with you, and though it’s always been assumed you’re a big fat liar, when you do get caught you prove it.


#03. Once you’ve soiled yourself, there’s a good chance Obama will not come on you’re show anymore. And although Roman Polanski, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Woody Allen may stand by your side, it’s more than likely the masses will still consider you a twisted pervert.


#02. When you betray your family values, by philandering, you not only jeopardize your children’s well being, but there’s a good chance you will lose everything in the divorce.


#01. And last but not least, when someone finds out about your infidelities they may blackmail you, and you may have to confess to the world about your dirty little secrets.